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Assistenza calciatori non professionisti

Advice to amateur football players of age

For all amateurs football players of age who play in clubs associated to the National Amateur League including women’s soccer and futsal the LSL – Luisi Sports Law firm provides the following services:

  • Sports advice and football market research for the clubs interested to offer the signing of an economic agreement;
  • Advice in merit of economic agreements signed by football players with amateurs clubs flat-rate reimbursement of support costs, travel allowances and premium entries, i.e. annual gross sums;
  • insurance and tax assistance;
  • legal advice in sports law;
  • advice in the matter of the release of players from clubs;
  • advice in the matter of players' transfer advice on behalf of amateur football player who is transferred to professional football clubs;
  • advice about the limits and derogations for young amateurs residing outside the region;
  • advice for players’ transfers between clubs associated to the National Amateur League
  • advice for the transfer of foreign players to clubs associated to the National Amateur League advice about the Fifa rules and laws which regulate the amateur players transfer
  • advice in case of release for:
    • waiver by the club (art. 107 NOIF- FIGC),
    • inactivity of the amateur football player (art. 109 NOIF- FIGC),
    • waiver or exclusion from the league of a club (art. 110 NOIF- FIGC),
    • agreement between club and amateur football player (ART. 108 NOIF- FIGC),
    • release for loss of terms (ART. 32BIS NOIF- FIGC),
    • change of amateur football player’s residence (ART. 111 NOIF- FIGC),
    • signing of professional contract (ART. 113 NOIF FIGC)
  • resolution contractual relationship for professionals (art. 117 NOIF- FIGC).

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