LSL: avv. Giacomo Luisi Sports Law, agente di calciatori

Assistenza calciatori professionisti

Advice to Professional Players

The LSL - LUISI SPORTS LAW firm provides on behalf of the football "professional" players the following services:

  • sports advice and football market research for the clubs
  • advice in entering into the relationship of sports performance as a professional by signing of the contract between player and club as a result of direct recruitment and consequent membership;
  • advice for the signing of the first professional contract with a professional football club;
  • advice, application and interpretation of F.I.G.C Italian Football Federation regulations;
  • advice, application and interpretation of FIFA International Federation Football Association regulations: FIFA statute, FIFA players' agents regulations, FIFA players' regulations for the status and transfer, Regulation FIFA 2008 for the procedures of the Commission for the Status of the players and the Chamber of dispute resolution (DRC), Disciplinary Code FIFA 2009, Circular FIFA and in particular the Circular 792 - Calendar Coordinated International, the circular 1125 - FIFA Regulation of the players' agents, the circular 1147 - Requirements for the convening in a representative national, the circular 1148 - Amendments to the regulation of the Committee on the status of the players and the chamber of resolution of disputes, the circular 1160 - Rules on the interpretation of the FIFA regulations 2008 Players Agents , the circular 1185 - FIFA Regulations on the status and on football transfers, the circular 1190 - revised version of the Regulation on the status and on football transfers - protection of minors, Circular 1200 - Amendments to the Statute FIFA, the circular 1206 - revised version of the Regulation on the status and on football transfers - Protection of minors, Circular 1209 - Protection of minors;
  • advice in the resolution of the contractual relationship between the clubs and professional players
  • advice during the final transfer of contract for professional players;
  • advice during the temporary loan of contract;
  • advice in the signing of the preliminary contract;
  • advice on behalf of international professional football players who sign contract with professional football clubs;
  • advice on sponsorship contracts, advertising, commercial in general;
  • advice on image rights contracts;
  • legal advice, insurance and taxation;
  • advice in sports law national and international bodies of sports justice as well as in sports arbitration;

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