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LSL Luisi Sports Law firm was founded by Giacomo Luisi on 2007. The law firm is specialized in sports law and international sports law and it provides legal advices to players, coaches, managers and clubs. Civil law, labour law, insurance law and arbitration are the others areas in which LSL operates.

The countries where the LSL activity is developed are:

EUROPE: Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Greece and Norway;

Central and South AMERICA: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador;

AFRICA: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Senegal.



Avv. Giacomo Luisi

Sports Lawyer

Twitter: (@GiacomoLuisi)

Giacomo Luisi was born in Bari on 16rd march of 1976 and took a degree in law at the Jurisprudence University of Bari on 10th October of 1999; On 19th july of 2002 he got the lawyer professional qualification in Bari. Giacomo Luisi was also Italian players’agent licensed by Figc Italian Football Federation from 2004 to 2015 (card n. 504). It is a professional qualification that allows to operate and to assist football players and football clubs worldwide.

On june 2007 Giacomo Luisi has got the first edition of the Master in International Sports Law LLM attended at the ISDE (Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia) of Madrid. On 2009 he was chosen and authorized by CONI (National Italian Olympic Committee) in his capacity as sports lawyer to teach in the matter of sports law.

On 2011 was elected as Executive councilor of the Association "Avvocaticalcio" (card no. 44) which position has still hold Actually he is a member of AIAS – Italian Association of Sports lawyers (card n. 000072/2013/A) as well as component of Sports Commission and European law chaired by lawyer Michele Colucci.

Giacomo Luisi, as a result of experiences of study and work at the international level, has achieved an excellent command of English and Spanish language that allows him to operate in the football sector worldwide with clients or through partnership with foreign colleagues. Besides he is director of many courses on sports law, FIGC and FIFA federal regulations and courses for sports observers and players ' agent. It can be useful to remember just a few of the seminars and courses already completed:

  • Advanced Course in Sports Law at Civil Court Law of Bari
    16 february 2010 – 13 april 2010. Number 8 modules for 40 hours of lessons. Subjects: International Sports Law, jurisprudence DRC and CAS, Sport and Community law, the specificity of sport, free movement of the athletes, the Lisbon Treaty and the white paper, Italian sports law as regulated in the Statute of CONI, sporting federations, societies, sport and responsibility, sports employment, "mobbing" in soccer, Figc players agents regulations and F.I.F.A., sponsorship, national and international justice, disciplinary responsibility, criminal and civil players ' agents, criminal responsibility of athletes, sports doctors, trainers, sports doping.
  • FIGC Italian Football Federation: Course directed to the vocational training of players’ agents.
    FIRST EDITION: 80 hours of lessons in 10 meetings from 22 May to September 18, 2011. Second Edition: 80 hours of lessons in 10 meetings since January 28, 2012 to March 18, 2012. Subjects: Law No. 91 of March 23, 1981, Figc, The doping Statute. The television rights. Sponsorship. The sports marketing. Merchandising, 2009 Fifa Statutes including the amendments and additions decided by Ordinary Congress of June 3, 2009 Fifa in Nassau and its implementing regulation, Internal Organizational Rules of official notice N.13 is transmitted Figc, Figc sports justice code (October 17, 2003 Law No. 280), collective Agreements between professional footballers and sports clubs, Figc Rules Fifa 2008 for players ' Agents including attachments 1, 2 and 3, Figc Rules 2010 for players ' Agents referred to M.c. No. 100/A of 4/8/2010, 2009 Fifa Regulations for the status and transfer of players including annexes 1 to 5, 2009 Fifa Regulations for the status and transfer of players 5-a-side football, Fifa 2008 for Regulation the procedures of the Committee on the Status of the player and the dispute resolution Chamber (DRC)2009 Fifa Disciplinary Code. Fifa circular and Circular enclosures: 792-Coordinated International Calendar, circular 1125-regulation of Fifa players agents, 1147-Circular requirements for convening a national representative, article 15 article 18 of the implementing regulation the statutes of Fifa, circular 1148-amendments to the Rules of the Committee on the status of the player and the dispute resolution Chamber, circular 1160-interpretative Standards of regulation 2008 Fifa players ' agents Circular-1185, Fifa Regulations on the status and transfers of players; 1190-circular revised Regulation relating to the status and transfers of players – protection of minors, circular 1200-amendments to the Statute and regulations at FIFA regulates the application of the Statute, circulate 1206-revised Regulations on the status and transfers of players – protection of minors, 1209-Circular protection of minors.

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